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Education Law 

Our experience includes the representation of public and private schools at the college and K through 12 levels. Advice to our education clients is within a wide and varied area and our experience includes many issues that commonly arise in the educational setting, including but not limited to how to conduct various investigations to Board resolutions, the creation of the school lunch program and review of various contracts. Other matters include successfully obtaining federal Title III monies from the N.Y.S. Education Department in a dispute over statutory language and legislative purpose, representation of a well-known college in an appeal regarding a N.Y.S. Comptroller audit of Tuition Assistance Program funds and successfully negotiating a significant reduction in the amount required to be repaid to the New York Higher Education Services Corporation.

The most significant assets of any school are its human resources, which present special issues and challenges that are different from other workplaces and requires both negotiation and litigation skills to resolve the issues. Mr. Landis represented various private schools as labor/employment counsel, including a nationally recognized college in the education field. Most recently, Mr. Landis successfully concluded an amicable resolution in contract negotiations with a bargaining unit of a public school district and represented the same district in proceedings before the New York State Public Employees Relations Board regarding the request for representation and certification of a new union.

Representation by counsel is often an effective tool to secure the protection of one’s rights and Mr. Landis also represents school employees, from heads of schools to teachers. The issues range from employment contract and severance negotiations for private heads of schools, to disciplinary matters under New York Education Law Section 3020-a and the successful representation of a social work graduate student who was requested to withdraw from the program. Mr. Landis also successfully defended a college foundation from a donor’s suit alleging fraud, misrepresentation and breach of contract.


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